Mirror Glaze Reflections

Choosing a Cake Yesterday, I tried my hand at creating a mirror glaze. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s a glaze made with gelatin and food coloring that gives the cake a reflective surface. If done right, you can see yourself in it. There are a few challenges to this mirror glaze though.… Continue reading Mirror Glaze Reflections

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Growing up, my sister and I loved to eat this cold treat called frozen hot chocolate. It was the perfect snack for a summer movie night. It gave us the cozy feeling of snuggling up on the coach without adding to the summer heat. Well, my sister had been asking about it lately, and we… Continue reading Frozen Hot Chocolate

Dollar Store Dessert

As much as I like to challenge myself in the kitchen, sometimes I just need an easy dessert to go along with the meal. While I found one that is simple and customizable. There’s not even baking involved. The recipe I had came from a cookbook by Alison Walsh, and she calls it Mirror Shard… Continue reading Dollar Store Dessert

Of Building and Baking

It’s been a busy baking week for me. From making my first layer cake to my first loaf of bread, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen. Over the past weekend, I made one of the most challenging things to bake. Candy-Filled Cookies Being a book nerd, I picked up a literary cookbook from Barnes &… Continue reading Of Building and Baking

Layer by Layer

As you might guess from the title, I made my first layer cake this weekend. I, being an ambitious baker, had to pull out a recipe from my World Class Desserts book and opted for a Danish Layer Cake. Yes, the end result looks like a stack of pancakes, but that is traditionally the way… Continue reading Layer by Layer

Finding a Foundation

Baking is an interesting hobby in that even if you start from scratch for a recipe, you’re not starting from nothing. As passionate as I am about baking, I’m not ambitious enough to throw random amounts of flour, sugar, and baking powder together to see what comes out of the oven. For me it’s helpful… Continue reading Finding a Foundation

Tools of the Trade

When it comes to baking, it’s important to have the right tools around. There are obvious ones like the whisk, the spatula, and measuring cups, but I have an unexpected tool I consider indispensable. That tool is a coffee grinder. Yes, a coffee grinder. I started using it to add baking chips to my pizzelles.… Continue reading Tools of the Trade

Coming Up Shortbread

Sometimes we choose hobbies that tend to stress us out. The aspiring pianist curses his fingers for not cooperating. The gamer yells at the TV or pounds his fist when he misses a cue. The baker questions his choice of hobby when there’s a giant mess in the kitchen and no treats to show for… Continue reading Coming Up Shortbread


I’m sure I inherited my passion for baking from my grandfather. It started when I was shopping with my friends and had the idea to purchase a pizzelle maker. Pizzelles are those round Italian cookies that look like they were made on a waffle maker. They’re traditionally flavored with anise, the same flavoring that goes… Continue reading Inspiration

A Baker’s Journey

Do you dream of being a baker? Have you looked at the flawless creations on a foodie’s blog but found the results unachievable. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you avoid all the stress of baking that perfect cake. The true test of a baker isn’t how pretty the pastry looks but how quickly it’s… Continue reading A Baker’s Journey