Baking Ambitions

This Easter, I was given the job of making a lamb cake. Now, lamb cakes are notoriously hard to transport, so I had the bright idea to make a second cake as a base to stabilize the lamb cake.

With two cakes, I thought why not use two flavors. A carrot cake had been requested, so I used that flavor for a base and went in search of a cake dense enough for a lamb pan.

My sister suggested a pound cake, since it was heavy enough to stand up on its own. Now, I’m very stubborn when it comes to baking and generally refused to uses box mixes, but I relented and used them for a test run.

Test run with the box mixes

I settled on a lemon anise pound cake to complement the carrot cake’s flavor. In order to test the stability of the cake, I used box mixes to see how well the cake stands and moves. The cake was heavy enough and stable enough that I didn’t need anything but icing to anchor the cake.

Easter weekend arrived, and I set out to make the real cakes from scratch. Baking the cakes were simple and easy, the throw everything together and mix type of recipes. I let them cool and sealed them away overnight. Then, morning came and it was time to make the icing.

I decided on a cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake and dyed it green to look like grass. For the lamb cake, I thought buttercream would go best because it’s one of the stickiest icings. However, it would often fall flat toward the bottom of the lamb.

Beginning the decorating process
The Final Product

I used red candy melts for the flowers and robin eggs to add a little more color to the cake and hide the flat icing. The flavors went great together, and people enjoyed both cakes. Happy Easter, everyone!

Post Celebration