Dollar Store Dessert

As much as I like to challenge myself in the kitchen, sometimes I just need an easy dessert to go along with the meal. While I found one that is simple and customizable. There’s not even baking involved. The recipe I had came from a cookbook by Alison Walsh, and she calls it Mirror Shard… Continue reading Dollar Store Dessert

Of Building and Baking

It’s been a busy baking week for me. From making my first layer cake to my first loaf of bread, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen. Over the past weekend, I made one of the most challenging things to bake. Candy-Filled Cookies Being a book nerd, I picked up a literary cookbook from Barnes &… Continue reading Of Building and Baking

Layer by Layer

As you might guess from the title, I made my first layer cake this weekend. I, being an ambitious baker, had to pull out a recipe from my World Class Desserts book and opted for a Danish Layer Cake. Yes, the end result looks like a stack of pancakes, but that is traditionally the way… Continue reading Layer by Layer