Grand Old Flag Cake

Happy Independence Day, everyone! My family had a party this weekend to celebrate the holiday and to celebrate my aunt becoming a US citizen. Since I made the lamb cake for Easter, I was chosen to make the cake for this party. The request was to make a cake that looks like a flag, so… Continue reading Grand Old Flag Cake

Pound Cake

Recipe Link: On my last post, I talked about making a lamb pound cake for Easter. The recipe can be found above except I substituted a teaspoon of lemon extract and a teaspoon of anise extract for the tablespoon of lemon juice. I also ignored the glaze recipe in favor of buttercream icing for… Continue reading Pound Cake

Baking Ambitions

This Easter, I was given the job of making a lamb cake. Now, lamb cakes are notoriously hard to transport, so I had the bright idea to make a second cake as a base to stabilize the lamb cake. With two cakes, I thought why not use two flavors. A carrot cake had been requested,… Continue reading Baking Ambitions

Floundering With Flan

My grandma loves flan, so, of course, the companies stopped making the kind she likes. That’s when I decided I should learn how to make fresh flan. Honestly, I was not prepared for the amount of trial and error involved in this recipe. The First Attempt I began my baking adventure with a recipe for… Continue reading Floundering With Flan

Flavors of the Season

A few weeks ago, I participated in a show at my community theater. In preparing for the gathering afterward, I wanted to make a dessert that screamed Christmas. I decided I wanted to do something minty so I searched the internet for recipes. I found a recipe for Andes mint cookies that seemed simple enough… Continue reading Flavors of the Season

Tres Leches Cake

After years of eating tres leches cake, I finally learned how to make one. It was way less complicated than I expected. Although, there was a mishap where I almost forgot to add the vanilla. The hardest part of this cake was waiting a full day to eat it. A tres leche cake is essentially… Continue reading Tres Leches Cake

Use What You’ve Got

What do you do when someone hands a bag full of chestnuts? Bake, of course. My sister found a chestnut tree, so I looked up chestnut recipes. I settled on chestnut donuts. The process was time consuming. First the chestnuts had to be roasted by cutting Xs in them and putting them in the oven.… Continue reading Use What You’ve Got